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Uber Vs Lyft | The Difference Between Uber And Lyft You Must Know

    Uber Vs Lyft, get a detailed comparison between Uber and Lyft and know which Cab Service is better, Uber or Lyft.

    Cab Services like Uber and Lyft have made it very easy for us to move from one place to another place in a city.

    Whenever we wish to go anywhere.

    We just have to do some clicks in the Uber or Lyft App installed in our Mobile and a Car comes in our doorstep.

    And by sitting in that car we reach our destination.

    In today’s scenario, Uber and Lyft Services have become a very important part of our daily lives.

    It is very true that Uber and Lyft are fulfilling our traveling needs in a very well manner.

    Uber Vs Lyft

    But often, some questions arise in our mind like.

    Which Cab Service is better Uber Or Lyft?

    Which Cab Service is cheaper between Lyft and Uber.

    If you also use Uber and Lyft services?

    Then, these questions must also come in your mind.

    So let’s know the answers to these questions from this post.

    Basic Difference Between Uber And Lyft

    First of all, we will see when Uber and Lyft Cab Service started and how big is their Service Network.

    Uber Vs Lyft – Which Cab Service started first?

    Lyft and Uber both are leading Cab Service providers in the USA.

    There is tough competition between the two.

    There is a gap of approx 3 years at the starting of Lyft and Uber Cab Service.

    Uber was started by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in 2009.

    In initial days they named their Cab Service UberCab.

    It is true that UberCab has started in 2009 but officially Uber Services and Mobile App were launched in the year 2011.

    Also in the year 2011, The founder of UberCab changed their startup name from UberCab to Uber due to complaints from Taxi Operators of Sanfrancisco.

    While Lyft was started as a subsidiary service of Zimride by Logan Green and John Zimmer in 2012.

    Logan Green and John Zimmer both started Zimride in 2007 as an Intercity Long Distance Car Pooling Company.

    In May 2013, They changed their company name from Zimride to Lyft.

    And in July 2013, They sold Zimride to Enterprise Holdings.

    After that, They focused only on the Shorter Distance Cab Service Market and accordingly grow Lyft.

    Lyft Vs Uber – Who Has Bigger Market Share and Service Network?

    Uber and Lyft both are the top-rated cab service provider.

    You know it very well that there is approx 3 years difference in the starting of both the cab service giants.

    Uber started first and later Lyft started.

    But, as in 2020, the difference between the two giants in terms of service network is much bigger.

    Today, Uber Services are spread in more than 62 countries worldwide.

    Whereas, Lyft Services are limited to the only selected cities in USA and Canada.

    Thus, Uber has bigger Market Share and Service Network in comparison to Lyft.

    These are the general difference between the two cab service giants which you already know.

    Let’s have a look at the major difference between Uber and Lyft for a Driver and Rider.

    Uber Vs Lyft – From Driver’s Perspective

    You can earn money from Uber and Lyft, If you know Driving and have a valid Driving License.

    You can make a good income by becoming a Driver in Uber or Lyft.

    Both the Cab Service Giants provides Full Time and Part Time Driving option.

    You can become a Full-Time Driver in Uber or Lyft and make it the main source of income for yourself.

    Or, You can work as a Part-Time Driver and earn a good sum of amount.

    Although, Driver’s income is not fixed.

    It depends on the rides which they completed.

    Bonus and tips calculated according to their completed rides and drivers get remunerated.

    As many surveys and information are on the Internet, The Lyft Drivers earn a little bit more in comparison to Uber Driver.

    A Lyft Driver average monthly income is approx $375 whereas a Uber Driver average monthly income is around $360.

    Uber Vs Lyft – From Riders Point Of View

    From the perspective of a rider.

    The biggest difference or you can say that the biggest despair of a Lyft Rider is that Lyft is not available worldwide.

    Lyft Services are limited to only the selected cities in the USA and Canada.

    Whereas, Uber Services are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

    If you are a Lyft Rider and you visit such a city where Lyft Services are not available.

    In such a situation you have to switch to Uber or any other taxi services.

    But, if you are a Uber Rider..

    There is less chance that you switch into any other cab service because Uber Services are available almost everywhere.

    From this perspective, being a Uber Rider is better than being a Lyft Rider.

    This is a matter of availability only.

    Let’s have a look at other points also..

    Lyft Or Uber – Who Has Better Customer Service

    As far as Customer Service is concerned.

    Both the giants are almost the same whether it is Uber Customer Service or Lyft Customer Service.

    Service MethodUber Customer ServiceLyft Customer Service
    In App HelpYesYes
    24/7 SupportYesYes
    Call SupportYesYes

    You can see in this table that the customer service of both is the same.

    Vehicle Types Available For Riders

    As a rider or passenger.

    We always look for the right vehicle which suits our need and budget.

    We never wish to hire that vehicle which does not full fill our needs or beyond our budget.

    Lyft and Uber both understand this fact very well.

    So, they offer plenty of vehicle options for the rider’s needs and budget accordingly.

    Uber has more vehicle options in comparison to Lyft.

    Although, the vehicle range provided by both the cab service provider is almost same.

    Just, Service Name is different.

    You can see the vehicle comparison of Uber and Lyft in the table below.

    Service TypeName in UberName in Lyft
    Cheapest RideUberPoolLyft Line
    Budget Ride (4 Passenger)UberXLyft
    SUV VehiclesUberXLLyft Plus
    Premier VehiclesUberSUVLyft Premier

    These are some differences between Uber and Lyft which I shared with you in this article.

    No matter, which cab service you like, Uber or Lyft.

    My personal opinion is to install both Uber and Lyft App in Mobile.

    And, whenever you wish to book a cab.

    Do check both the apps for vehicle availability and fare and compare Uber Vs Lyft.

    Then, Book the Cab.

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