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Uber Customer Service Number & Various Ways To Reach Uber Support

    Get information on Uber Customer Service Number and various ways to contact Uber Support and Uber Help for resolution of query in USA.

    Before going deep, let’s get some information about Uber and it’s work.

    Uber Customer Service Number

    What is Uber

    Uber is an USA based multinational Transportation Network Company which provides services to move people from one place to another place within city.

    Uber services are available worldwide.

    It is the most trust able, easy and always available source of transportation within a city.

    In recent years Uber entered in Food Delivery Service and started a new venture UberEats.

    Ubereats is also very successful in its category and giving a tough competition to its rivals.

    If you want to get information on UberEats and UberEats Customer Service?

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    UberEats Customer Service

    Uber Office Address

    Uber is an American Transportation Network Company and has headquarter at San Francisco.


    Uber Technologies Inc
    San Francisco, California
    United States

    Uber Customer Support Service

    Uber is a trustworthy and reputed company.

    There are millions of happy Uber Customers all over the world.

    Uber Services are spread to almost all part of the world and Uber gives priority to its customers convenience.

    Uber provides a high level Customer Support Service facility for resolution of Customers Queries.

    You can contact Uber Support Team through Uber Customer Service Number as well as other various ways too.

    And its very simple..

    Uber Customer Service Number

    There are 2 Uber Customer Service Nos through which you can reach Uber Support and get help.

    • 800-353-8237
    • 800-353-UBER

    These Uber Customer Service Nos can be used by the Uber Riders as well as Uber Drivers.

    You can call these Uber Numbers and get resolution of your query.

    If you don’t want to call Uber Numbers then there are other options too to contact Uber Support for help.

    Let’s see the other options to reach Uber Support.

    Uber Mobile App

    Yes, you can use Uber Mobile App to get resolution of your query related to Uber.

    The Uber App through which you book Uber Cab has all the solutions of your Uber Ride Query.

    If you have any problem with Uber, just open the Uber Mobile App and follow the following steps.

    1. Tap the Zebra line Icon at the top left corner
    2. Tap Help
    3. Select the Topic relates to your query
    4. Tap More if your query is different from the Topics shown in the screen and in next screen you will see more Topics.

    As soon as you select your relevant Query Topic, some instructions will appear on the screen.

    Follow those instruction and you will get resolution of your query.

    Uber Official Help Page

    The next convenient and trustable option to reach Uber Support is Uber Help Page.

    You can contact Customer Service of Uber through Uber Help Page.

    In order to get Help from Uber Customer Service through Uber Help Page, you have to Sign-in in your Uber Account.

    Sign-in into your Uber Account in Uber Help Page is very simple.

    You can use your Mobile Number or Email-id which you have used to activate your Uber Mobile App.

    Password will be the same which you had set while activating your Uber Mobile App.

    Once you sign-in into your Uber Account, you will see different Topics.

    Select the Topic relevant to your query and follow the instructions.

    You will get resolution of your query.

    Uber Social Profile / Account

    This era is of Social Media and Uber too is very active in Social Media Platform.

    Uber has Profile / Account in different Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

    If you too like using Social Media Platform then you can join and follow Uber Facebook Fan Page, Uber Twitter Handle and Uber Instagram Account.

    • Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/uber
    • Twitter Handlehttps://twitter.com/uber (@uber)
    • Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/uber

    You can comment or tweet about your query in these Social Platforms and get attention of Uber Customer Service for resolution of your query.

    Now, you know the different ways to contact Uber Customer Support Service for help.

    Whenever you face any problem with Uber Services, you can use any of these options to contact Uber Customer Support Service for help.

    Finally, let’s look at some of such problems and it’s solutions that Uber Customers usually face.

    Q1.) Can you cancel an Uber at mid ride?

    Ans : Yes, you can cancel Uber at mid of the ride but you have to pay for the distance of that point where cancel the ride.

    Q2.) Is there a fee to cancel Uber?

    Ans : Uber generally charge a minimal cancellation fee if

    a) The rider cancel the trip after being matched with the driver.
    b) The rider does not reach the pickup point within 5 minutes of
    driver reach the pickup point.

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