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Lyft Customer Support Service Number USA And Various Ways For Help

    Get Lyft Customer Service Number USA and other various ways to contact Lyft Support for resolution of your query.

    Lyft Customer Service Number USA

    You have to go somewhere.

    What will you do?

    You will take your mobile in hand and open the Lyft App and book a Cab.

    By sitting in that cab you will go to your destination.

    How simple.


    About Lyft

    In 2012, Logan Green and John Zimmer started Lyft as a subsidiary service of Zimride.

    Zimride was as an Intercity Long Distance Car Pooling Company owned by Logan Green and John Zimmer.

    After one year, In May 2013, They decided to change their company name.

    They change their company name from Zimride to Lyft.

    And in July 2013, They sold Zimride to Enterprise Holdings to focus only on the Shorter Distance Cab Service Market and to grow Lyft accordingly.

    Lyft has made it very easy for us to travel from one place to another through its service.

    Lyft is the second largest Cab Service provider in the USA and Canada.

    In the USA and Canada, The business rivalry of Uber VS Lyft is quite interesting.

    Lyft gives very tough competition to its Arch Rival Uber through its services.

    Lyft Services are easy to use, comfortable and affordable.

    But, What to do if you face any problem while using Lyft Services.

    Don’t panic.

    Lyft Customer Support Service is there to help you 24/7.

    You can contact Lyft Support through Lyft Customer Service Number USA as well as other various ways too.

    Lyft Customer Service Number USA

    We can use Lyft in 2 ways.

    Either as a Lyft Driver or as a Lyft Rider.

    Lyft Customer Service Number For Driver And Rider

    In Lyft, There is no specific Lyft Helpline Number through which a Driver or Rider can directly contact Lyft Support Representative for help.

    But, Lyft provides an Emergency Number through which Lyft Driver or Lyft Rider can contact Lyft Safety Team for help.

    Lyft Emergency Number For Driver And Rider

    911 – A Lyft Driver or Rider can call 911 using the Lyft App Safety Centre to report about the emergency (Road Accident etc) to the Safety Team.

    Lyft Safety Team will respond back quickly as soon as their representative receives your request.

    Apart from Lyft Emergency Number, Lyft provides plenty of options to contact Lyft Support for Help.

    Like, Lyft Call Me Support, Lyft Help Page and Lyft Social Profiles

    Lyft Call Me Support

    Lyft Call Me Support is another option to contact Lyft Safety Support Team.

    In this option, You will be asked to give your Phone Number.

    The Lyft Safety Team will contact you through your provided number for the resolution of your query.

    1. Open help.lyft.com in your browser.
    2. Scroll down the screen and click Driver Safety option under Driving with Lyft Tab.
    3. Click Report a safety incident or citation.
    4. Click the Contact Safety team Tab.
    5. Feed your Phone Number.
    6. Again Click on the Contact Safety team.

    The Lyft Safety Team will contact you as soon as they got your Phone Number.

    Lyft Help Centre Page

    Lyft Help Centre Page is the best and easiest option to contact Lyft Support.

    In your browser type help.lyft.com and you will reach Lyft Help Centre Page directly.

    In the search box, You can type your query and can get available solutions.

    Lyft Social Profile / Accounts

    Social Media is a powerful medium for speaking out.

    Lyft is very active in several Social Media Platforms.

    You can convey your message/query to Lyft through these Social Media Platforms.

    These are the Lyft Customer Service Number USA and various other ways to contact Lyft Support for help.

    Hopefully, through these mediums, you will get a solution to your problems.

    How you contacted Lyft Support.

    Share your experience with us through the comment box.

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