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DoorDash Customer Service Number | DoorDash Support Help

    Do you order food from DoorDash? If yes, read this article till the end since here you will get information about DoorDash Customer Service Number as well as various other ways to contact DoorDash Customer Service and DoorDash Customer Support.

    DoorDash Customer Service

    Before going deep into the main topic let’s have an overview of DoorDash.

    What is DoorDash 

    DoorDash is a food delivery service provider in the USA and Canada.

    DoorDash has made it very easy for people like us to order food from the best local restaurants and get it delivered at our doorsteps.

    We just have to open the DoorDash Mobile App in our mobile and select & order the food and within a few minutes, the food will be delivered at our given address.

    DoorDash was initiated by 4 students Andy Fang, Stanley Tang, Tony Xu and Evan Moore in the year 2013 with a concept of delivering delicious foods from local restaurants to its customer address.

    DoorDash Office near me

    This amazing food delivery service provider has headquartered at San Francisco, California

    DoorDash Inc
    4th Floor, 116 New Montgomery Street
    San Francisco, California
    United States – 94105

    How does DoorDash Work

    DoorDash connects peoples like us with the local restaurants through DoorDash Mobile App

    It allows the peoples to see & check the foods available in the restaurants and provide the facility of ordering the foods of your choice from a restaurant.

    Once you order the food from a restaurant through DoorDash Mobile App.

    DoorDash Driver (Dasher) collects the food you ordered from the restaurant and delivers the ordered food to the given destination.

    DoorDash charges a minimal fee for delivering the foods.

    How much is DoorDash delivery fee

    DoorDash charges normally a minimal fee of $5.99 but sometimes it varies depending upon the distance of the restaurant and the delivery destination.

    These were some basic information on DoorDash, DoorDash Office Address and How DoorDash works.

    Let’s move into our main topic How to contact DoorDash Customer Support Service

    DoorDash Customer Support Service

    Have you any problems with DoorDash or you are not satisfied with its services

    DoorDash Customer Support Service is the destination where you can find solutions for all of your problems related to DoorDash.

    Whenever you have any problem with DoorDash Food Delivery Service, you can contact DoorDash Customer Support Service for resolution of your problem.

    DoorDash Customer Support Service executives are highly professional and they provide you a very quick resolution of your query.

    There are plenty of ways to contact the DoorDash Customer Support Service.

    DoorDash Customer Support Service Number

    The easiest way to contact DoorDash Customer Support Service is through the DoorDash Customer Support Number.

    For the convenience of its customers, DoorDash has provided Toll-Free Number as well as Helpline Number to reach DoorDash Support.

    You just have to call any of these numbers and convey your query to the DoorDash Support Executive.

    DoorDash Toll-Free Number

    • 844-285-0248: You can call this DoorDash Toll-Free Number to reach DoorDash Support for the resolution of your query.

    DoorDash Customer Support Service Helpline Number

    DoorDash has 2 Helpline Numbers to reach DoorDash Customer Support

    You can call any of these 2 Numbers and get the resolution of your query

    DoorDash Legal Helpline Number

    If you have any legal issues/queries with DoorDash or you want to contact the legal department of DoorDash.

    You can call this Helpline Number and reach DoorDash Legal Department Executive

    DoorDash Email Support

    The 2nd easiest way to contact DoorDash Help is through DoorDash Support Email.

    [email protected]

    You can directly mail your query to DoorDash Support Email-id and get the resolution of your query.

    DoorDash Official Help Page

    Another simple way to contact DoorDash Helpline Service is through its official Help and Support page.

    You can visit its help and support page and get the resolution of your query.


    There is also an advantage of visiting help page.

    There you can find FAQ Section of DoorDash and read the Frequently Asked Questions.

    DoorDash regularly updates its FAQ Section.

    In DoorDash FAQ Section, you can get answers to the questions people have faced before you.

    DoorDash Social Channels

    If you are active on Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram and knows the basic things of these Social Channels.

    You can easily reach DoorDash Customer Helpline Service.

    DoorDash Facebook Fan Page

    You can contact DoorDash Customer Helpline Service through official Facebook Fan Page of DoorDash


    DoorDash Twitter Handle

    DoorDash has it’s official Twitter Handle.

    You can follow DoorDash Twitter Handle and Tweet about your query.


    DoorDash Instagram Account

    You can contact DoorDash Support Service through DoorDash Instagram Account


    You can easily get help from DoorDash Customer Support Service with the above methods.

    Now, we look at the questions that often arises in our mind.

    Q1. How to download DoorDash Mobile App?

    Ans – You can dowload DoorDash Mobile App from 2 sources.

    1. DoorDash Website
    2. Mobile Play Store

    DoorDash Website – Visit DoorDash Website and there you can see DoorDash Mobile App download option

    Click the appropriate Doordash Mobile Download Icon and download the DoorDash Mobile App (According to your Mobile Operating System iOS or Android)

    Mobile Play Store – Go to Play Store in your Mobile and search DoorDash Mobile App and download the Mobile App.

    Q2. Can you make money with DoorDash?

    Ans – Yes, you can make money with DoorDash by becoming DoorDash Driver (Dasher) or DoorDash Restaurant Partner.

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