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Amazon Customer Service Phone Number USA For Amazon Support

    Get Amazon Customer Service Number USA and various ways including Phone Number, email and chat option to contact Amazon Support for Help.

    Today, the scenario is completely changed.

    Now, most people do not want to go out to buy stuff.

    They buy all the stuff online whether it is a food material, cloth, electronic gadget or anything else.

    Amazon works for these people and provides Online Market Place.

    Amazon is the world’s biggest e-Commerce Portal from where you can buy all the things which you need to use in your daily life.

    Do you also buy stuff online from Amazon?

    If yes, then you definitely have faced some problems like to return stuff, replace the product, etc.

    Amazon has Amazon Customer Service called Amazon Support to overcome these problems.

    Amazon Customer Service Number

    You can contact Amazon Support through Amazon Customer Service Number USA and through other various ways too.

    But, before going deep into the ways of contacting Amazon Customer Service.

    Let’s know something about Amazon.

    About Amazon

    Amazon is a multinational e-Commerce Company initiated by Jeff Bezos.

    In 1994, Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online market place to sell books.

    After some time Amazon started selling other products like Apparel, food, software, video games, electronic items, etc.

    In 2015, Amazon emerged as the largest eCommerce company, beating a big company like Walmart.

    Today, Amazon has millions of customers worldwide.

    Amazon is just not limited to an eCommerce Company

    Amazon also provides services of advance technologies.

    Such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Distribution, etc through its subsidiaries.

    Worldwide, Amazon is among the best 4 tech companies.

    In making Amazon such a big and world-class company,

    Amazon Customer Support Service plays a crucial role.

    Amazon Support provides Customer Service to its customers 24/7 for the quick resolution of their queries.

    Anyone can contact Amazon Support through Amazon Customer Service Number USA and through other various ways.

    Amazon Customer Service Number USA

    We all buy products online from Amazon.

    And we sometimes need help from Amazon Customer Service for our queries.

    In order to make it easy for us to contact Amazon for help,

    Amazon provides an Amazon Customer Service Phone Number.

    • 8882804331 – You can call this Amazon Customer Helpline Number 24/7

    Apart from calling Amazon Customer Helpline Number,

    There are various ways too through which you can contact Amazon Support.

    What are those ways?

    The other ways through which you can reach Amazon for help are

    1. Amazon in App Support
    2. Amazon Help Page
    3. Chat Support

    Amazon In-App Support Service

    Today everyone has Mobile.

    Most of us shop on Amazon through the Amazon Mobile App.

    We can use the Amazon Mobile App for help.

    • Open the Amazon Mobile App
    • Tap the Menu Icon
    • Scroll Down the screen
    • Tap Customer Service

    In the next screen, you can see many options like

    • Your Orders
    • Return & Refunds
    • Amazon Pay Transactions
    • Account Settings
    • Other Help Topics

    According to your query, click on any option.

    For example – If your query is related to the payment and transactions, then click on Amazon Pay Transaction.

    Amazon Help Page

    You can contact Amazon Support through Amazon Help Page

    • Open your browser
    • Type amazon.com in the address bar and hit the enter key.
    • Click Help.

    In the next screen, you can see plenty of options.

    You can refer below image.

    Amazon Customer Service Phone Number

    According to your query, click the option and you will get help from Amazon Support

    Amazon Customer Service Chat

    Amazon provides Chat Support too to its customers for help.

    To use the Chat Support feature of Amazon

    Follow the following steps

    • Open Amazon Mobile App
    • Click the Menu icon and scroll down the screen
    • Tap Customer Service
    • Tap Contact Us
    • Click Chat

    As soon as you click the chat option.

    An Amazon representative will start chatting with you for the resolution of your query.

    Amazon Customer Service Email Support

    Amazon provides 2 email ids for the resolution of the query of its customers.

    One for general queries and another for serious queries like payment or account-related queries.

    Amazon Social Media Accounts

    Today is the era of Social Media.

    Social media is a very powerful medium for spreading your message to someone.

    Amazon too is very active in many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

    You can reach Amazon through these social media platforms.

    • Amazon Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/amazon
    • Amazon Support Twitter Handle – www.twitter.com/amazonhelp (@amazonhelp)
    • Instagram Account – www.instagram.com/amazon (@amazon)

    Now let’s take a look at the answers to such questions that often come to our mind as an Amazon customer.

    Q) Is Amazon Customer Service open 24 hours?
    A) Yes, Amazon Customer Service opens 24/7.
    Q) Can I contact Amazon by email?
    A) Yes, You can contact Amazon by email. Amazon provides 2 email ids [email protected] for general inquiries and [email protected] for account-related inquiries.
    Q) Can I cancel an Amazon Order?
    A) Yes, You can cancel the order before the product being delivered to your given address. Go to Order and select the order you want to cancel and click cancel.

    So, these were Amazon Customer Service Phone Number and some other ways to access Amazon Support.

    Hopefully, using one of these mediums will solve your problem.

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